Free Stuff in Palm Coast, FL

I received this used and never used it myself. There is a bar, that is used to lift the thin mattress to turn it into a co-sleeper pushed up against the bed, that doesn't work properly. However, it was "fixed" by the previous owner and they claim it worked just fine. Either way, you can choose not to mess with that and still use it as a normal pack n play.
PAL format (European format?) - including Saving Private Ryan, Billy Elliott, Monty Python..
Nine complete support kits for newly planted palm trees
I'm a college graduate offering FREE website design to use in my portfolio of work. 5-7 pages. Nothing too advanced. Please let me know what your business does and why you need a website. E-mail Ian at ian@newschool.edu or call or text (212) 365-8512.
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