If you use well water you know how bad Iron can be. Iron can effect your health, your skin, your food and drinks, clogged pipes, and not to mention it stains anything from hair to clothing to appliances. Message today and get good clean quality water in as little as 2 days!

GE fridge

White fridge. Works great. Remodeling to stainless so it must go.
Water and Ice in door.

Iron sink

Iron sink... $50 or best offer
New compact dishwasher. Bought before getting my new kitchen cabinets and it doesn t work with the new layout.
"Washer & Dryer Front Loader Frigidaire Affinity with Stands" Recently replaced the brain and had it services runs terrific just do not need it we have a set in the new home we just moved in too. 386.585.4206
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